Lomig Mégard

Currently working as a Software Engineer at SwissBorg, a startup based in Lausanne, I’m developing our new product which gives access to cryptocurrency investments to everyone. I am part of the backend team, making sure the scalability and security are central to our architecture and implementation. As a Senior Engineer, I thoughtfully guide my colleagues to tackle challenges and follow best practices through collaborative efforts.

Previously, I was lucky to be part of very diverse teams, from an AdTech London startup, a european research project based in Geneva, to a large multinational IT company with a distributed team across the US and Europe. As a result of these varied roles, I gained insight into multiple programming paradigms as well as different working processes.

In 2014, I obtained my CS Master degree from EPFL, with a specialization in language theory led by Prof. Odersky. Thereafter, I focused on functional programming using Scala as my preferred language while gathering knowledge on its broad OSS ecosystem and contributing back to it.